Prior to PPB's celebrity luncheon on February 10, Honoree George Schlatter and his wife, Jolene, met with dais guests Sarah Purcell (left) and Fred Willard (right), both of whom were regulars on Schlatter's popular 1979 TV show, "Real People." (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

George Schlatter's "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" introduced America to Jo Anne Worley and several other comic regulars. In the green room, Jo Anne talked with Sarah Purcell and her husband, Chip Schulte. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

PPB's Don King, who volunteers as backup photographer for each celebrity luncheon, was delighted to meet famed movie director Stanley Kramer's widow, Karen (right) and their daughter, Kit in the Sportsmen's Lodge green room before the luncheon for George Schlatter. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

PPB Second Vice President "Shotgun Tom" Kelly found last November's celebrity luncheon honoree, Regis Philbin among those attending the George Schlatter luncheon. On the left is iHeart Radio's Jim Duncan. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

A last-minute addition to the celebrity dais for George Schlatter was popular actor and entertainer Tony Danza, who recalled his many TV appearances under the direction of the luncheon honoree. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

Following lunch, Sarah Purcell "embarrassed" George Schlatter by reading something he had written many years ago which contained several instances of the "f-word." Our honoree was not the only one in the room feeling a bit uncomfortable at hearing his own four-letter words. On the other hand, George Schlatter is not known for subtle humor! (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

PPB Board member John Newton and surrounding luncheon attendees were having a great time listening to the celebrities on the dais relate stories about their experiences working with George Schlatter. He was instrumental in giving a start to many entertainment careers. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

Luncheon honoree George Schlatter accepted his Art Gilmore Career Achievement Award from PPB President Alan Perris after dais guests had spoken. In his acceptance remarks, our honoree thanked the organization for his award and entertained with some humorous comments about each guest on the dais. He also expressed his disdain for the present political climate in the country. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

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