Two broadcasting legends joined PPB members at Sportsmen's Lodge on Friday, June 16, to honor the man in the center: Al Michaels. Bob Miller, on the left, called hundreds of LA Kings hockey games during his 44 years with the team, and Vin Scully, on the right, was the voice of the Dodgers for 67 years! You might say that we had sports broadcasting royalty at our celebrity luncheon. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

Dais guest Vin Scully posed for dozens of photos in the green room prior to the Al Michaels luncheon. Here he is with football great and actor Fred Dryer, left, PPB member Larry Vanderveen, center, and PPB member Michael Horn, right. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

NBC Sports Radio's Jack Silver took advantage of the green room exchanges to interview the LA Kings' long-time former announcer, Bob Miller. The Al Michaels celebrity luncheon at Sportsmen's Lodge was attended by an enthusiastic crowd of sports broadcasting enthusiasts. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

The "old" and the "new" came together on June 16 for PPB's celebrity luncheon for Al Michaels. The "old" on the right are represented by former LA Kings announcer Bob Miller and former LA Dodgers announcer Vin Scully. The "new" on the left is Bob Miller's replacement as the LA Kings announcer, Alex Faust, with his fiancée Carolyn Costa. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

KNBC news anchor Chuck Henry and Al Michaels began their television careers together in Honolulu. Here he tells the PPB audience about the massive waves crashing on Oahu's north shore, something he and Al decided to see first-hand. That adventure almost cost them their lives as they were swamped by a wave in the "piece of tin on four wheels" in which they were riding. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

PPB President Alan Perris introduced several celebrities in the Sportsmen's Lodge Empire Room before the Al Michaels celebrity luncheon. Among those on hand were M*A*S*H favorite Jamie Farr. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

Rich Eisen is a well-known sports reporter with his own daily show on the NFL Network. He is also an actor, having appeared in several movies. Rich praised Al Michaels as a colleague and friend, telling several interesting stories about the afternoon's PPB honoree. (Roxanne Schorbach story)

PPB President Alan Perris presented the Art Gilmore Career Achievement Award, named for one of PPB's founders and past presidents, to the June 19 honoree, Al Michaels. Al told something about and thanked each dais member, and expressed his enthusiastic thanks to the PPB membership for the honor this award represents. (Roxanne Schorbach photo)

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